@faze - Jul 18, 24 07:52 PM - Lincoln, NE
OK guys as you can see here, I got my boy Max, so this bird basically has been changing my life. Yeah! oh shit. #dammbird

@faze - Jul 18, 24 06:14 PM - Lincoln, NE
I want to ask you guys, Should I get Damm bird like this. #dammbird

@faze - Jul 18, 24 10:56 AM - Lincoln, NE
OK anyways guys, I will record little bit at the bird place right now. Basically, all I am asking is should I get bird. should I have dope bird like this. just follow me around everywhere. #dammbird

@faze - Jul 18, 24 07:04 AM - Lincoln, NE
This bird shit on me three times total and two three times I've m... not yet today time. I hope he doesn't.n #dammbird

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