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Introducing Velegraph. Velegraph means Voice + Telegraph. A unique breed of social-network for sharing information using voice.

It’s more than sharing a voice and more than 140 characters. You just speak, and app automatically generates a voice post consisting text from your speech, audio from your voice, a relevant suggested picture, and a hashtag.

This interaction also allows to share post quickly compare to existing social-networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Unlike existing social-networks each post also contains an audio with related text or status. On Velegraph, user's status text literally matches with the voice.

Signup is easy. If you just want to explore the Velegraph app, you can choose guest login option. You can also create a full verified account using email.

To post something, just use “Add Post” button in “Profile”, and speak same way you talk to Siri, and app will convert your speech into text or status. If you are not happy with speech-to-text translation, you can edit the text. App need your permission to access microphone and speech-to-text conversion using Apple.

User can speak up to 15 sec to make a voice post or one simple sentence like "drinking tea and watching hummingbird". Users can explore voice post using Search interfaces.

Each voice post is visualized on a post page with real-time audio wave animation. One of the coolest features of Velegraph is, user can use voice comment feature to comment on user's post.

Apps sends notification for comments and other events.

Velegraph is a simple and unique way to share and explore voice. Users can share and explore categories such as pictures, news, fun, places, events, job, etc.

You are welcome to explore, comment, and write reviews for improvement in design and technology.

Please see Demo Video on YouTube.

Please follow us on twitter at @velegraph.